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Preserved Flower, Dried Flower, Soap Flower, Scented Wax Tablet, accepted retail and wholesale
永生花, 保鮮花, 乾花, 香薰磚, 批發零售


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Preserved Flower, Dried Flower, Soap Flower (accepted retail and wholesale)
永生花, 保鮮花, 乾花, 香皂花, 香薰磚, 歡迎零售批發

SF1 Soap Flower 香皂花


P10 preserved/dried flower with bear stand 
保鮮花及乾花熊仔架  HK$299/pc


P9 preserved/dried flower 保鮮花及乾花      HK$299/pc


P7 preserved/dried flower 保鮮 花及乾花      HK$299/pc


P1 preserved/dried flower 保鮮 花及乾花  HK$199/pc
P2 preserved/dried flower 保鮮 花及乾花  HK$199/pc


P3 pink preserved/dried flower key chain 保鮮花鎖匙扣
P4 blue preserved/dried flower key chain 保鮮花鎖匙扣


P5 preserved/dried flower 保鮮花及乾花  HK$199/pc